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The winners of the Ennstal-Classic are again: Fritz radinger and Thomas Wagner

After a year of involun

In a heartbeat final, Fritz Radinger and Thomas Wagner won the Ennstal Classic 2021. They landed their fourth overall success, on the second place the sensational ladies team Margarita and Magdalena Voglar (Alfa Romeo Giulia TI) and on third position Erich and Roswitha Volk in a Ford Mustang Fastback.

A familiar picture at the flower ceremony of the Ennstal-Classic: for the fourth time the mini dream team Friedrich Radinger and Thomas Wagner wins the Ennstal-Classic. The top drivers are thus catching up with the legendary duo Rudolf Schraml and Helmut Artaker, who also won the competition four times.
Can we speak of total dominance? “More like full focus and maximum concentration. You have to drive like in a tunnel the whole time, not be distracted by anything. ”This time, the victory only took shape from the marathon onwards, a considerable deficit from the first day could be made up.

24.07.2021, Gröbming, Steiermark, Österreich (Austria): 29. Ennstal-Classic, im Bild die Sieger Friedrich Radinger und Thomas Wagner (AT), Mini 1275 GT, Bj. 1971, 110 PS. (c) Ennstal-Classic / Martin Huber

The sister team Margarita and Magdalena Voglar, who drove their Alfa Romeo Giulia TI onto the second place, were particularly jubilant. When only taking part for the fifth time, pilot Margarita stated that “this time we simply didn’t make any mistakes.” And passed on to Voglar Senior, who has been participating in the Ennstal-Classic for many years: “We have certainly learned what we can do from our father. But from now on our father can learn from us. “

Third place went to Erich and Roswitha Volk in a Ford Mustang Fastback, also old friends of the Ennstal family. “We knew that Fritz could drive a car. But special congratulations to the girls in front of us, who really drove an impeccable race. “

Over 800 kilometers, 227 teams from 15 nations, 6 pure ladies teams, brilliant summer weather with moderate temperatures – the 29th Ennstal Classic went off perfectly, it couldn’t have been planned any better. We are looking forward to the competition next year, where we have to celebrate a special anniversary: ​​the thirtieth edition of the Ennstal-Classic.