Motorpark Gröbming 2018

The Motorpark is situated directly next to the classic-tent at the parking lot of the MEZ shopping center and is accessible for all visitors.

The following companies present themselves at the Motorpark:

Abarth |
Alfa  Romeo |
Alpine |
Porsche Classic |

AVL Ditest test console |
Spect Eyewear - "Wings for life" Charity sale
Super Constellation |
Ennstal-Classic Souvenirs |
Bastian Söllner |

Schedule Motorpark 2018

Tuesday, July 17th
Exhibition of companies
Whole day: rallyecheck Ennstal-Classic

Wednesday, July 18th
Exhibition of companies
Whole day: rallyecheck Ennstal-Classic

Thursday, July 19th
Exhibition of companies
09:45am drive through Ennstal-Classic cars at mainstreet/Motorpark

Friday, July 21st
Exhibition of companies

Saturday, July 22nd
Exhibition of companies
Park fermé before Zenith Grand Prix

Artist Bastian Söllner

Bastian Söllner Retrospektiven

"I have always been fascinated by classic cars. Every artwork is an image of this passion and every project is a new challenge for me! The Ennstal-Classic is the perfect place to present my work!"