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The top-managers

Robert Engstler, Bentley's regional director for Europe, and Hans Peter Schützinger, spokesman of the board of the Porsche Holding GmbH, have been a successful team at the Ennstal-Classic for many years now and this year they drive a Bentley Mark V that belongs to the Heritage Collection. This is one of seven existing pieces in the world.

Siegfried Wolf
belongs to the most renownend managers in Austria. Amonst others he is member of the board of  Oleg Deripaska's „Russian Machines“. As avowing classi-car fan he reawakened a Russian racecar, the  GAZ G1 and drives the Ennstal-Classic together with his wife Andrea.

Michael Tojner is owner of the Montana Tech Components group with almost 8.000 employees in 20 fatories worldwide.
It belongs to the VARTA AG. For now 130 years VARTA writes history and has been aboard at the first moon landing as well as an important part of the development of the automobile at the turn of the century. VARTA now takes up this past and will play a leading role in e-mobility. Michael Tojner drive the rallye together with his brother Franz on a Porsche 911.