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Speed-Show: Ottokar Jacobs ignites a Porsche 917!

The first sensational registration for the Speed-Show that takes place in the course of the Ennstal-Classic: Ottokar Jacobs
brings a Porsche 917 Spyder!

The car with chassis number 016 has been delivered to Ernst Kraus (who drove the inter series) and is probably the fastest car a vintage racer like Ottokar Jacobs can buy.
From 1973 onwards the 5,4 ltr. twelve-barrel engine was changed to 5,6 ltr. Kraus became overall fourth in the inter series in 1973 and 1974, and in 1975 even second.
The car was then sold to California where it got dusty until Ottokar Jacobs bought and revitalised it. He already won his first race with it in Willow Springs 1999. The car has a efficiency weight of only a little more than one kilogramm/HP.
Mit 5,6 Litern Hubraum greifen 685 PS an, bei 750 kg Gewicht ergibt sich ein sensationelles Leistungsgewicht von etwas über einem Kilo pro PS.