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The countdown for the 26th Ennstal-Classic was traditionally started with the press conference at the Technical Museum in Vienna.

Ennstal-Classic warm-up at the Technical Museum in Vienna

Friends, partners, press and participants met at the beautiful festival room of the Technical Museum. CEO Dr. Zuna Kratky welcomed the guests and Christian Clerici presented and Hans-Joachim Stuck, Dieter Quester and Rudi Roubinek made for a funny mood.

Former minister of justice Dr. Wolfgang Brandstetter is trying to make his K70 fit for the Ennstal-Classic. CEO of Zenith Alexander Seidl talked about the partnership  with the event and Andrea Daum-Hübner and Astrid Stüger-Hübner (who exclusively sell the Ennstal-Classic chronograph in their shop in Vienna) will drive a pre-war Bugatti.

From Stuttgart the director of the Porsche Museum Dr. Achim Stejskal: „ We foster the myth and there is no better partnership to celebrate 70 years Porsche 356 than with the Ennstal-Classic!"

Thomas Reingruber, new mayor of Gröbming, made his inaugural visit. Also sighted: the two-times Ennstal-Classic winner Dr. Fritz Radinger, Fiat-Abarth brand country manager Markus Wildeis and head of marketing Oliver Mandl, Jens Svete brand manager of Scuderia Gohm as well as Harald Kilzer CEO of Apollo Vredestein.

Closing words of the organisers Michael Glöckner and Helmut Zwickl: "The Ennstal will be no flower parade. It will be very sporty on a new route. We hope that we will be untroubled by windstorms!"

picture f.l.t.r: Thomas Reingruber, Rudi Roubinek, Dieter Quester, Hans-Joachim Stuck (in the Porsche 356), Achim Stejskal, Alexander Seidl, Wolfgang Brandstetter, Christian Clerici