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“Beyond Performance – 50 years of Porsche Turbo” and ventures

This year, Porsche is celebrating an anniversary that looks back on visionary and technologically outstanding beginnings: The Turbo principle has marked the limit of what is possible at Porsche for half a century. In 1974, the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer presented the first 911 Turbo with racing technology. It marked the beginning of an era of high-performance sports cars. A Turbo from Zuffenhausen is the spearhead of its segment. It combines experience and success, sportiness and suitability for everyday use. All the victories that Porsche has celebrated on the world’s racetracks can be found in every Turbo. Even without mentioning Porsche, the word “Turbo” is inevitably associated with Porsche. For many car enthusiasts, it symbolises the best – made in Zuffenhausen. This year, Porsche is once again opening up a cosmos full of success stories that inspire courage and stories of what it is like to overcome challenges. It is never just about the pure performance of a turbo, but much more about the “Turbo feeling”. The feeling of always going beyond the ordinary. The feeling of “more”.