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A success story brimming with dreams and gambles 

The realisation of a dream marked the beginning of the Porsche success story. Ferry Porsche had a very clear idea of how a sports car should be. He realised this idea in 1948, constructing the Porsche 356/1 roadster together with his team. From the initial concept through to the approval drive, he boldly stuck to his idea. It is this entrepreneurial spirit which has characterised the sports car manufacturer for the past 75 years. Porsche continues to reinvent itself without ever forfeiting the values and the identity that make the brand what it is today. It stands for people who helped write the success story with their dreams and their gambles. People who likewise believed in their dreams. Dreamers. “Driven by Dreams. 75 years of Porsche sports cars” as the brand essence stands for all dreams that are inspirational and tangible. “Driven by Dreams” is a value which is in keeping with the company’s history and which brings it into the present and the future. Dreams can come true. Ferry Porsche stood for this 75 years ago. And the Porsche brand still stands for this today.