Opening hours

Our press office is open:
Tuesday, 23th July  9am - 6pm
Wednesday, 24th July 9am - 6pm
Thurday, 25th July 6.30am - 6pm
Friday, 26th July 8am - 6pm
Saturday, 27th July 8am - 12pm

Please show your press ID and the online  confirmation of your accreditiation. Then you get the following documents and information:
- accreditation
- starting list
- route
- results
- photos
- reserved parking space at the media parking lot

Please use the entrance Gröbming OST if you arrive by car.

Check-In for participants and press:

Fachschule Gröbming
Horstigstraße 998
8962 Gröbming

Stoderzinken mountain challenge on Friday

Accreditated journalists can drive up the Stoderzinken until 06:30am with a car sticker (accreditation). Please note that you can drive down after the last participant at appr. 12.30pm.
Road closed between 06am and 12pm.

Map to the press office

Please click on the link to see the map:

Facts and Figures

Since 1993, 2019 we celebrate the 27th edition!

The Ennstal-Classic is one of the most prominent classic car events in Europe...

- More than 100.000 spectators in three days
- appr. 20.000 spectators at the Grand Prix of Gröbming
- Advertising value print and TV more than 3 Mio. €
- 200 accredited journalists
- Indirect returns 10 Mio. €
- 20.000 additional accommodations
- Participants from 18 nations
- 150 staff members make up the organizational team
- Internet livestream during the event on