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finnish rallye-legend simo lampinen at the ennstal-classic

He is one of the rallye-stars of the 1960s and this year drives the Ennstal-Classic together with his friend Helmut Neverla on a Lancia Flavia Coupé from 1964.

As factory driver for Saab he won the 1000 Lakes Rallye in 1963, 1964 and 1972. His active career lasted until 1979 and Simo has also been factory driver for Lancia, Peugeot and Triumph.

24.07.2021, Gröbming, Steiermark, Österreich (Austria): 29. Ennstal-Classic, Bergwertung Stoderzinken. Im Bild Otto Schwarz und Stephan Schwarz (CH/GBR), MG TF 1300, Bj. 1954, 58 PS.