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This has been the Ennstal-Classic 2021:


Over 800 kilometers through the most beautiful regions of Austria, 227 teams from 15 nations, traveled to Gröbming despite the sometimes difficult entry regulations due to the pandemic. 6 ladies teams, one of them in second place overall. The finest summer weather with moderate temperatures: The Ennstal Classic 2021 was an experience!

“It is a miracle that this Ennstal Classic is taking place at all.” This is how the organizer Helmut Zwickl welcomed the participants, friends and fans of the Ennstal Classic 2021 who had gathered for the opening night at the Imlauer Hotel Schloss Pichlarn. Decisions had to be made at a time when it was far from clear, if an event of this size could even take place in the summer of 2021.
But in the end everything went well. Very well indeed. Only the storms in the run-up to the event had slipped into the route – the stage from Bad Ischl to Schladming via the Postalm had to be relocated, the road had broken away. But the new route over the Gschütt Pass on Lake Hallstatt impressed even long-time participants as a fresh alternative. And showed that there are still several routes to discover, which gives a cheerful preview of the next few years. Especially next year, when the 30th edition of the Ennstal-Classic is coming up, from July 20th to 23rd, 2022. For the fourth time, the team Friedrich Radinger / Thomas Wagner on a Mini 1275 GT has won the Ennstal Classic. In second place and thus in the top three for the first time: a pure ladies team. The sisters Margarita and Magdalena Voglar on Alfa Romeo Giulia TI were able to complete the rally largely flawlessly, and next year they will drive for the victory.

Also in the field: Numerous celebrities from the world of racing and the celebrity scene. Evergreen Peter Kraus, racing legends Rauno Aaltonen and Dieter Quester, manager Sigi Wolf and former McLaren racing director Jo Ramirez are considered traditional starters. But also Formula 1 crack Mark Webber, crime scene commissioner Richy Müller, LeMans winner Timo Bernhard, VW motorsport director Fritz Enzinger and rally ace Simo Lampinen lined the starting field for this year’s Ennstal Classic.

The Champions Night on Saturday evening went with an emotional award ceremony under the skilful moderation of Servus TV Formula 1 presenter Andreas Gröbl.

Before we move on to the anniversary Ennstal Classic 2022, we would like to remind you of another date, where we will hopefully see each other again: from January 6th to 8th, 2022, the wintry PLANAI-CLASSIC will take place.


Achim Stejskal, Head of the Porsche Museum Stuttgart:
“The Ennstal-Classic is our motorsport living room.”

Helmut Eggert, Brand Manager Porsche Austria:
“True to the motto ‘time is its art and art is its freedom’, each of these cars that we drive here was the absolute top in terms of technology at the time. This enables us to draw a line to today, for example to the model range from Porsche, and at the same time see how important history is to enable progress. In the Goethean sense, we put the journey in the foreground here, not the arrival.”

Jens Svete, Managing Director Scuderia Gohm, the only official Ferrari dealer in Austria:
“Moving vintage cars like this one is still real driving. Today, cars are made manageable, but muscle strength counts in the old cars.”

Harald Kilzer, Vredestein Austria:
“‘Rock the Road, Feel the Freedom, Experience the Drive’ – this Vredestein slogan also applies 100 percent to the Ennstal Classic.”

Margarita Voglar, runner-up Ennstal-Classic 2021
“So far we have learned from our father, from now on our father can learn from us.”

Thomas Reingruber, Mayor of Gröbming:
“The advertising value for Gröbming and the surrounding area is enormous. 25.000 overnight stays speak a clear language. “