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Ennstal-Classic…or how to recharge vitality

There are many classic events with the brass of the early years. But what makes the Ennstal Classic stand out from the calendar is the passion! It will fuel the participants at a time when the electric car is the future and autonomous driving is being promoted.

The Ennstal-Classic inventors Michael Glöckner and Helmut Zwickl wanted to do “motorsport like it used to be”, with the cars of yesteryear on the streets of today, and the question is how much longer we can still live out their philosophy of “driving in the last paradise”. The traffic is increasing, the authorities are demanding more and more conditions. But the joy of driving old cars remains.

We still find beautiful, low-traffic roads that make Patrick Dempsey rave about the “breathtaking landscape” and see the rally as a “sporting challenge” that makes all of Austria “lovable” to him.

It’s the mix that makes the Ennstal so popular: the sense of achievement in the cockpit, the great route, and the evening events, where steering wheel legends and TV stars, but also top business managers and motorsport fans get so close like nowhere else. Those who can free themselves from ambition a little will fill up on new joie de vivre at the Ennstal-Classic.

The Ennstal-Classic 2024 takes place from July 19th until 22nd.